JPEG File Size Comparison

JPEGs support 24 bit color and are therefore able to reproduce the subtle variations in color in photographic type images. It is called a lossy file format because in order for it to compress the file, it selectively discards data, a method which can degrade sharp details in an image. Also, JPEGs always add artifacts to the image in the form of blocky or wave-like patterns, so it is better to always save from the original file, and never from another JPEG.

8-Bit Gif - 41.6KB 100% JPEG - 65.3KB
7-Bit Gif - 33.7KB 80% JPEG - 32.8KB
6-Bit Gif - 26.7KB 60% JPEG - 19.8KB
5-Bit Gif - 20.8KB 40% JPEG - 12.6KB
4-Bit Gif - 15.1KB 20% JPEG - 9.24KB

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