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Chapter 5: Evaluating Web Sites
Evaluation Reports
After finishing your evaluation, you should put together a report summarizing your findings. Make sure to illustrate your findings with as many frame grabs and diagrams as possible. Also, try to provide as many specific details as possible, as well as indications of where the errors are in the site and how they might be fixed. Complete reports should include a detailed analysis of a site, including the number of pages, the page weights, broken links, technology usage, and so on. Because of the tedious nature of compiling such information, we leave this part of the evaluation to tools. Consider using a maintenance or quality assurance tool to analyze the basic characteristics of the site. Quality maintenance tools such as Coast Webmaster ( can produce high-quality reports like the one shown in Figure 5-4. However, do not substitute tool use for a real expert evaluation because tools will miss many usability and execution errors.

Coast Report
Figure 5-4. Site Quality Report from a maintenance tool

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