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CSS Resources
There are a wide variety of CSS resources online; here are some of the most useful. (Links will open in a new browser window.)

HTML: The Complete Reference
Chapter 10: Style Sheets of HTML: The Complete Reference is available online. This chapter of the companion volume to Web Design: The Complete Reference covers CSS basics, Microsoft extensions, and the future of multimedia CSS applications.

World Wide Web Consortium
The World Wide Web Consortium ( has been directly involved in the development of style sheets from the very beginning. Here are just a few of the CSS-related pages in their extensive Web site:

In the past few years, Microsoft has made great leaps in CSS support for their browsers. In fact, the recent release of Internet Explorer 5 for the Macintosh is fully compliant with CSS1.
Opera Software ( has created the Opera browser with HTML and CSS specifications in mind, providing a useful alternative to the selective and sometimes exclusive approach to CSS displayed by the major browser vendors. Their latest version, 7.0, is available for download.

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