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HTML Editors
HTML tools change all the time, but at the time of this writing the HTML tools listed below are the most popular. Many tools exist—all with their own features and benefits—but given their use at large-scale Web firms, the combination of Dreamweaver and HomeSite is suggested for professional developers.

A good visual design tool that balances WYSIWYG design capabilities with code editing. Strong CSS and DHTML support.

Available for Windows and Macintosh (

A top-notch text editor for HTML professionals. Poor visual support, but incredible code and markup handling. It's sister product, Cold Fusion Studio, adds in even greater support for dynamic site-building technologies.

Available for Windows (

Very popular amongst the Macintosh set, this tool has a visual designer-oriented interface. Some generated markup problems have limited its popularity with strict standards developers.

Available for Macintosh and Windows (

Popular with the small developer and internal corporate development crowds. It has improved greatly, but still has a reputation for generating bad or too Microsoft-specific pages.

Available for Windows (

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