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Site Index Tools
This page provides a quick look at four of the better site management tools on the market today.

This free product provides a variety of site management tools. The most interesting aspect of SiteManager is its site-mapping feature, which creates site maps that resemble interconnected dandelions. While this shows an interesting visualization of site content density, the benefit of the visualization is not obvious for real content management.

Site mapping wise, <BLUEPRINT> provides directory style as well as a simple tree map style. Content types are indicated by icons in the map, but the product does not seem to recognize all common Web content types and completely ignored Adobe Acrobat PDF files. Local file management from the map was minimal, but <BLUEPRINT> does integrate FTP management in the product for remote file management and deployment.

Possibly the best, but certainly not the cheapest, Web site analysis tool reviewed here to date. While its site indexing may not be on a par with some of the other products considered here, its site comparison feature allows you to compare a previous scan of a site to a current scan and show any changes in the site.

LinkBot provides limited site mapping and only shows a directory tree style. However, its ability to filter on all types of content types made navigating site pages easy without a visual map. Probably due to its lack of mapping approach, LinkBot does not provide any site comparison features. LinkBot does provide a very nice image catalog feature that shows thumbnails of all site images.

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